Now we’re cooking with gas :-)

Hey guys the husband here, I thought I would tell you all about the cooking class that I took in Yangshuo. Things kicked off when we met our teacher at the entrance to the local park, the same park where my wife was learning tai chi. After meeting our teacher the she took us to … Continue reading Now we’re cooking with gas 🙂

China By Train

I have written a lot about our adventures in China, however I have only barely touched on how we got around there. We did very little by bus or car, the majority of our travel within a city was by walking or subway and all of our long distance journeys were by train. There are … Continue reading China By Train

Relaxation With A Pinch Of Panic

Before I start here, I want to mention again about the terrible flooding that happened in Yangshuo before we arrived, which obviously doesn't fit with my light hearted title. Floods occur every year in this area, however they are usually very minor, just ankle deep which the buildings and businesses are set up to deal … Continue reading Relaxation With A Pinch Of Panic

We Didn’t Say No To Panda

A visit to Chengdu can mean only one thing, visiting the Panda sanctuary, or at least that is the common perception. It is a bit of a shame actually, as the city itself is interesting. We did of course go and see the pandas, but the day before we went for a hot-pot, as this … Continue reading We Didn’t Say No To Panda

It Is All About Longevity

In China longevity has a very important place in their culture and on our last full day in Emei Shan we actually visited near-by Leshan and saw three different sides to longevity. The day started with a trip to the Leshan Buddha, our local guide, Patrick, was good enough to arrange transport for the group, half of … Continue reading It Is All About Longevity

A Shortcut to Monkeys

We arrived in Emei Shan after a 20 hour sleeper train, so we were pretty exhausted and ready to relax. Luckily the accommodation during our stay at Emei Shan was in a buddhist monastery. As we entered the monastery I could feel the serenity washing over me.   After freshening up in the communal showers, … Continue reading A Shortcut to Monkeys

Terracotta Warriors

I had been looking forward to seeing the terracotta warriors for a long time, perhaps that is why it didn't quite live up to my expectations. On our way to the warriors our guide explained a bit of the history behind the famous warriors. The emperor who built the terracotta warriors was called Qin Shi … Continue reading Terracotta Warriors

A Day Of Religion

If you know me, you know I am not religious. The closest thing to religion I would relate to is Humanism, which isn't quite the same thing. That being said I still respect other people's religions, I also enjoy learning things I didn't know about them and admiring the beauty created in the name of the … Continue reading A Day Of Religion