Short But Sweet

After our interesting week with Fuze Ecoteer we needed some time to relax. We had decided to head to George Town in Penang, which I am very sad to hear has recently had some flash flooding. Our initial intention was to use George Town as a stop-gap on the way to Thailand by bus, but it … Continue reading Short But Sweet

The Bad And The Ugly

Two warnings to start out on this blog, the first is that this blog will basically be a long rant about our time at the Fuze Ecoteer Rain forest conservation project. It will be very negative, so if you are not interested in the details, just take from this blog that I would not recommend … Continue reading The Bad And The Ugly

The Good

I don't think you need to be a western fan to guess that this blog has two more parts, however I will be grouping together The Bad and The Ugly as I don't want to focus any more on the negatives than I feel I have to. This two-part series will cover the main part … Continue reading The Good