My husband and I both enjoy travelling so we recently made the decision to take a career break for six months to travel through East and South East Asia. I thought that writing this blog would be a fun way to keep any of our friends and family who might be interested up to date with our trip.

Neither of us have done long term travel before, the closest being our six week honeymoon to New Zealand last year, so this should be quite the adventure. We are a little older than the average backpacker, but as our only real dependants are our cats (who are very kindly being put up by our parents), we have decided to take the chance while we still can.

In case it isn’t obvious we chose the page name because we love The Lord Of The Rings, along with many other geeky things, and that name together with the quote on the main page seemed the most appropriate as we embark on our new adventure.

The map of our route is on the main page, so if you are curious to see how it goes, this is the place to find out.