The Good

I don't think you need to be a western fan to guess that this blog has two more parts, however I will be grouping together The Bad and The Ugly as I don't want to focus any more on the negatives than I feel I have to. This two-part series will cover the main part … Continue reading The Good


Living With The Thai (In Vietnam)

While in Vietnam, we had a home stay as part of our Hike Bike and Kyack Tour. The home stay was a bit different from the one we went on in Mongolia, we were staying with the Thai people (who are an ethnic minority in Vietnam as well as a majority in their own country) … Continue reading Living With The Thai (In Vietnam)

Sunrise? Wat Sunrise?

The most touristy activity possible in Cambodia is going to watch the sun rise behind Angkor Wat. So after a few days in Siem Reap we gave in and booked a tuk tuk to take us there, leaving our hotel at 4:30am. As we arrived it was still pitch dark and we both instantly regretted … Continue reading Sunrise? Wat Sunrise?

Traditional Seoul

The cheapest way to leave Mongolia was to go via South Korea, we intend to go back to South Korea towards the end of our journey but we decided we may as well take a few days in Seoul to break up the flight. While we were in Seoul we saw two very different sides … Continue reading Traditional Seoul

Organisational Update

You may or may not have noticed that I have been falling further and further behind with these blogs. This is basically because I am taking time to enjoy my travels and not spending every free moment blogging. While I realise I am not on a schedule and I am not accountable, I am now … Continue reading Organisational Update

Living With The Nomads

A slight warning if you are squeamish you may want to skip this post as it contains some images of sheep body parts. The final part of our Mongolian story is our home stay with a Mongolian nomadic family. Although I say homestay we didn't actually stay in the ger with them, there wouldn't exactly … Continue reading Living With The Nomads

Stepping Out Of The Van

This post has taken a more time to produce and is a lot longer than anticipated, because despite the impression that may have been created by my Life On The Road And In Gers post we actually did a lot of things while we were in Mongolia. On our first day we visited the Choir … Continue reading Stepping Out Of The Van

Going For A Ride

The one thing probably most associated with Mongolia is horses, the Mongolians even invented the stirrup after all as they needed to used both their hands to shoot their bows while riding. In my opinion the tv adaption of game of thrones should have made the Dothraki more like the Mongols as they are nomadic horse people, … Continue reading Going For A Ride

Life On The Road And In Gers

Most of our time in Mongolia was spent either on the road or in gers. I will get to the gers in a moment, but first I want to talk about being on the road. The only way to get around Mongolia is on the roads and most of these roads are not paved, they … Continue reading Life On The Road And In Gers