Like Travelling in Time

Lockdown is, as I am writing this, still pretty much in place in Scotland, where I am from. With all the madness happening in the world just now I am just looking for a way to have a bit of a break from real issues and look back at my travels in 2017. Black Lives … Continue reading Like Travelling in Time

Monkeys Next To Hot Springs

I am sure you have seen the iconic pictures of the snow monkeys in Japan sitting warming themselves in hot springs. I believe they were first made famous by Sir David Attenborough. We decided that the snow monkeys were one of the many animals we wanted to see while in Japan and if we saw … Continue reading Monkeys Next To Hot Springs

A Shortcut to Monkeys

We arrived in Emei Shan after a 20 hour sleeper train, so we were pretty exhausted and ready to relax. Luckily the accommodation during our stay at Emei Shan was in a buddhist monastery. As we entered the monastery I could feel the serenity washing over me.   After freshening up in the communal showers, … Continue reading A Shortcut to Monkeys