Our first day in Hanoi, we had actually been meant to go onto Halong Bay but due to some bad weather our tour was swapped around a little and we went for a bike ride instead of doing that after Ha Long Bay. I didn't take many photos of this bike tour as I found … Continue reading Hanoi-ed?

Take Me Back To Hoi An

We arrived to Hoi An fairly late at night, however when we did arrive we were pleasantly surprised at the hotel. The hotel itself was a rather lovely building but when we got to our room we found it had been prepared in such a way to make it feel special. There were flowers on … Continue reading Take Me Back To Hoi An

Relaxation With A Pinch Of Panic

Before I start here, I want to mention again about the terrible flooding that happened in Yangshuo before we arrived, which obviously doesn't fit with my light hearted title. Floods occur every year in this area, however they are usually very minor, just ankle deep which the buildings and businesses are set up to deal … Continue reading Relaxation With A Pinch Of Panic

Cycling Around On A Wall

If there is one thing that China is famous for it is walls. We had just arrived in Xi'an after a 15 hour overnight hard sleeper train from Shanghai and couldn't wait to stretch our legs, which was just as well really given the next thing on our itinerary was to cycle round the city … Continue reading Cycling Around On A Wall