Our first day in Hanoi, we had actually been meant to go onto Halong Bay but due to some bad weather our tour was swapped around a little and we went for a bike ride instead of doing that after Ha Long Bay. I didn't take many photos of this bike tour as I found … Continue reading Hanoi-ed?

Rocks and Pepper In Kampot

I promised in a previous blog to tell you about our climbing experience in Cambodia so here it is. One of the ways I used to get my husband more excited about our trip before we set off was to tell him about all the places which were called climbing "meccas" in the guide books. … Continue reading Rocks and Pepper In Kampot

Now we’re cooking with gas :-)

Hey guys the husband here, I thought I would tell you all about the cooking class that I took in Yangshuo. Things kicked off when we met our teacher at the entrance to the local park, the same park where my wife was learning tai chi. After meeting our teacher the she took us to … Continue reading Now we’re cooking with gas πŸ™‚