Castles But Not As We Know Them

We visited three castles while we were in Japan: Hiroshima, Himeji and Matsumoto Castle. While they were all different from one another what struck me the most is how different they are in concept from the European style castles I grew up with. To start with they are predominantly made of wood, where as European … Continue reading Castles But Not As We Know Them

River Kayaking To A Temple

When we eventually made our way on from Siem Reap, we decided our next destination would be the coast of Cambodia. For us that meant getting our first ever overnight bus to Phnom Penh and then onward to our first stop at Kampot. The overnight journey was interesting. Instead of chairs it was all slightly … Continue reading River Kayaking To A Temple

Our Last Day Traveling

So I think I have mentioned before how far behind I am with my blogs. We actually got home before Christmas, but I plan to fill in the gaps. I actually plan to do blogs on either end of the gap until it is filled in. So here is what we spent our last day … Continue reading Our Last Day Traveling