Up A Mangrove Without A Kayak

Continuing my trip down memory lane, and after feeling like we didn't get a fill of kayaking in our "hike, bike and kayak tour" in Vietnam, we decided to do a day trip to kayak through the mangrove forests and it turned out to be quite a little adventure. I only took the go-pro for … Continue reading Up A Mangrove Without A Kayak

Ha Long To Be Back At The Bay

The events of this post happened way back in 2017 when we were on our trip of a lifetime, I am not currently travelling and do not advise travelling at the moment. I am just taking the time to go back and write some of these blogs as a way to keep myself entertained during … Continue reading Ha Long To Be Back At The Bay

River Kayaking To A Temple

When we eventually made our way on from Siem Reap, we decided our next destination would be the coast of Cambodia. For us that meant getting our first ever overnight bus to Phnom Penh and then onward to our first stop at Kampot. The overnight journey was interesting. Instead of chairs it was all slightly … Continue reading River Kayaking To A Temple