It Starts!

I am pleased to announce. This is the beginning. We are leaving now. We bid you all a very fond farewell.

I am uploading this from the departure area in Glasgow Airport, we are flying to Beijing via Dubai with Emirates. My husband has set up a VPN, however if we have issues with that I may not be able to update this blog while we are in China, as I am unsure which sites are blocked.

We will be spending a total of three weeks in China and I will continue to write these blogs even if I am unable to upload them so there might be a few to upload by the time we get to Hong Kong.

We tried our best to organise ourselves as well as we could for this point (which knowing us is very difficult). I was packed several days before, however my husband was putting the last few things in his bag up to the last minute.

Since the pound is going to be changed while we are away I smashed open my pound bank, which was very fun, and we payed all that into our account before we left.

We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare (which is why I have time to write this and we are not just rushing off to the gate), we had a last drink of Irn Bru with the parents before heading through security.

I am slightly nervous about our bags as they are very slightly larger than the hand luggage limit and my husband’s is nearly double the weight. We are flying Emarates and I have no Idea how strict they are with hand luggage, since I have never flown with them before.

This has just been a quick update since we are about to start our next adventure and I wanted to write something, I am hoping I will have something more interesting to say when we are actually under way.

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