It Has Been A While

I have not written a blog in months now. I have been retraining and doing things that don’t really belong on this blog, but I had thought I could keep this up during it, but that was really too much. So things have settled down a little now and I am hopefully back, to at least finish documenting a trip I got back from nearly a year ago now.

That being said I thought it might be a good idea to start with a short one, so this is about our trip between Hoi An and Hue in Vietnam. The bus trip took the best part of a day and we did only have a couple of stops.

Our first stop was at an historic checkpoint between North and South Vietnam. Although this was high in the hills and the cloud was low, we were still able to see some wonderful views through breaks in the cloud, both back towards Hoi An and forwards towards Hue.

We were not stopped for long and after stretching our legs taking some photos and answering the call of nature we were soon on our way again, back down towards sea level.

Our journey continued fairly uneventfully until we reached a stop which some may recognise from Top Gear. I had seen the Vietnam special of Top Gear at the time it came out, but it was out quite a while ago and to be honest I didn’t quite recognise the scene from the show at the time (I have since re-watched that episode and recognised it), however the view itself was beautiful enough that to me the context of the show was unimportant.


It really was a beautiful stop, it almost looked like what you could expect from a travel brochure for Vietnam. After this second stop we continued on until we reached our destination of Hue.

As I explained previously this is just a short post in order to hopefully get me back into the swing of things, but hopefully you enjoyed it.

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