How They Grow Trees In Singapore

Our visit to Singapore was fairly short, on our last day after indulging my husband with some climbing and having a catch up over a drink and some prata with a friend who was working out there at the time we met again with our host. Our meeting point was at the harbour front near the helix bridge; after getting slightly lost trying to navigate through some of the gigantic malls they have there we made it.P1020316

We had a bit more of a look around the harbour front, at the interesting architecture including the ArtScience Museum and a reverse fountain, which unfortunately was not on while we were there for some reason. We went back through one of the big malls, and were surprised to find a waterway running through the middle of it, to our destination of the Gardens By The Bay.

As we entered the gardens the first thing to catch our eyes was the outdoor auditorium, which even empty was interesting to look at. At this point we looked back to the mall we had just come out of and our host told us that the most expensive hotel in Singapore was at the top, it certainly looked impressive and apparently there is an infinity pool on the roof and I imagine that would be a really amazing view.

Soon we started to see the trees that the Gardens By The Bay are known for as a backdrop to everything else and we decided to amble in that direction. Along the way we saw some unusual looking sculptures and looking back on the city gave a lovely view too.

We made it to the trees, but decided that the queues to get up to the sky walk were too long and you had to pay to get up there anyway. The trees are not actually trees but big metal constructions which have plants growing on them all the way up. They were pretty impressive and larger than I had expected, they were more the size of a small skyscraper than most trees I have seen.

We continued to wander through the gardens, each section had a very distinctive feel compared to the others. The cloud dome and flower dome also had massive queues and we to be honest we were enjoying the free gardens quite a lot, so we continued there. On our walk we saw a bench that reminded us of the throne from Game Of Thrones, and seeing as the series was in full swing at that point, we couldn’t resist posing on it.

As the sun was making its way towards the horizon we made our way towards a building at the far side of the Gardens By The Bay which you could stand on top of, as we thought it would be a good place to watch the sunset. The building itself was quite interesting as there was a walkway that went from the ground to the roof, around and back down to the ground again.

There was a stretch of grass on the top of the roof and as we approached we started to notice a few kites, these multiplied as we got closer. It was quite the gathering on that roof, there were lots of families up there having picnics, watching the sun set and flying kites. We were not disappointed by the sun set either it was definitely a good view-point.P1020350

After the sun had set we decided that the families had a good idea with the picnics and went in search of food. We found a nice little outdoor hawker centre and ate there.

When we had finished, on our way back to the harbour front, we walked through the gardens again. We knew that there were light shows, but we had been too hungry to wait for the first of these on the top of the building. We hadn’t realised that just at the point we would be walking through the tree grove again the second would be just starting.

We sat in the middle and watched the show it was very pretty, but I was so absorbed I didn’t even think to get my camera out. The finally was very patriotic, with songs about Singapore and lots of red and white lights, it was nice to see.

We were only really planning to walk around the harbour front to get to the subway, but it looked so pretty all lit up that we took our time on the walk. We walked across the helix bridge while it was all lit up and towards the original Merlion, which although much smaller than the one on Sentosa Island, was some how more special.

Our visit to the Gardens By The Bay and the harbour front was a really nice way to end our time in Singapore, we were ready to continue our journey on to Cambodia.

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