Quirky Korea

I am aware of the current political situation between North and South Korea, this is in no way meant to make light of it. We visited before the new wave of tension and this is a post I have been planning to write for a while.

The idea behind this blog is basically to show you some of the quirky things we came across during our time in Seoul. I don’t know the story behind a lot of them so they may just be pictures, but to be honest, that could be the only reason they are quirkey.

To start out, these are some things we saw on the day we visited the palaces. A tunnel for pedestrians, which was quite nice as it was a hot day and the tunnel was quiet and almost deserted, which was slighty spooky. Then some tables and chairs made of concrete and rebar. In the palace itself we saw trees with their own food bags attached to them.


Wandering around we saw a few shops with spider man and iron man outside them.


We also saw a number of sculptures with no explanation, ranging from cutesy to beautiful to just odd.


That was not the only art on the street, as we were making our way towards the Hanoks, we went though the art quarter and there was lots of street art over the walls.


On that route we saw an interestingly named shop and an interestingly named product (the product is for your face).


When we had been searching for a place for a good Korean barbecue we stumbled across this place.


When we went back to it for lunch the next day we found out that instead of a cat cafe or some other cafe featuring cute and cuddly pets to enjoy, this was a cafe full of fish tanks, not only that, it exclusively sold desserts. So my husband was up for going for the fish and I was up for desert for lunch.


And my desert of some kind of chocolate pie, arrived looking like a very happy fish, proving that all South Korean depictions of animals are happy.


Finally we went to an E-Sports event while we were in Seoul, which I am trying to convince my husband to write about as I didn’t really follow it very well. However, the building the event was in was itself futuristic looking and there were a couple of interesting sculptures in and around it.


This has been short, but hopefully you found it as sweet as we did exploring this amazing city and just seeing a few of the quirky things to see in Seoul, I am sure there are many more.

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