Organisational Update

You may or may not have noticed that I have been falling further and further behind with these blogs. This is basically because I am taking time to enjoy my travels and not spending every free moment blogging. While I realise I am not on a schedule and I am not accountable, I am now three countries behind where I actually am and it is getting to the stage where it is difficult to remember the details I want to put in. I am also aware that this blog is becoming more of a chore than a fun reflection so I have decided to change the way I write these blogs. Or the order at least.

I also don’t want to leave out the blogs between where I left off and now, my idea is to take turn about between blogging the next one in chronological order and what I am doing now. For example I am currently working on one about Traditional Seoul, which would have come next after Mongolia anyway, but the next one I do might be Sunrise at Angkor Wat, which we did the day before yesterday.

I hope this idea wont make the blogs too confusing as I will be jumping about more between countries. I also hope this post wasn’t too boring as I am aware it isn’t really about our travels. I just wanted to put this out there, feel free to leave your thoughts on my idea in the comments for this blog.


3 thoughts on “Organisational Update

  1. The order will not affect the enjoyment of reading the content one bit! It’s fab to get your take on places/ experiences we have experience of and those we hope to have in the future.
    If it becomes a chore don’t feel obliged to continue – Enjoy! Christine x

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  2. Your blogs are great to read. It doesn’t matter what order they are in as they’re an insight into what you are doing and a reflection of your experiences and impression of the places you visit. If you miss some bits out you can fill in the gaps for your own record later. Don’t let them be a chore and just enjoy your travels.

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