Mongolia Update

As I did at the end of China I thought I should post an update of what will be happening over the next while on this blog. We are in our lovely hotel in Ulaanbaatar, getting ready to set off on our Mongolian adventure.

As you can imagine, where we are about to be heading off to there is not a lot of infrastructure, which means among other things there is no wi-fi, or even phone signal if we were to buy a local sim card. This is part of the appeal of visiting a place like Mongolia, but it also means that for the next two weeks there will be no blogs uploaded on this site.

I do intend to keep up with writing my blogs offline and after Mongolia we are headed to South Korea which has some of the fastest internet in the world so I should be able to upload them at that point.

And just so you know where the blogs that I have already posted are in relation to our adventures: I have one more I definitely plan to do about China which is underway; a second one about our time on Chinese trains that I am not 100% if it would be interesting at all; and I plan to do one on our time in Hong Kong.

I may get the one I am working on uploaded before we leave Ulaanbaatar, but if not I will catch up with you in two weeks.

3 thoughts on “Mongolia Update

  1. Loving the updates, it sounds like ye are having a wonderful trip. Stay safe while offline 🙂 Tell Richard to send another tes call soon!


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